Trademark Notice

The Verdon Fosse Legacy LLC (“Legacy”) mission is to promote, preserve, and protect the artistic and intellectual property of Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon, including the copyrights in the dances and the trademark rights in the names FOSSE and BOB FOSSE.

The Legacy owns the registered trademarks BOB FOSSE® and FOSSE® (see U.S. Reg. Nos.5,344,400 and 5,315,400) (“Marks”). The Legacy therefore owns the exclusive right to use, and to grant licenses for others to use, the Marks in connection with dance instruction; entertainment in the nature of dance performances; training of dance instructors; educational services, namely, seminars, workshops and panel discussions in the fields of dance and choreography.

The Legacy also owns the copyrights in and to Bob Fosse’s choreographic works, and therefore controls the exclusive rights, and the right to grant licenses to others, to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and prepare derivatives of such work.